Reliable Two-Way Radio Solutions for Schools in North Carolina

Protect Your Students and Staff

The day-to-day operations of a school building are complex. Teachers and students are frequently moving from classrooms to cafeterias to libraries to the buses.

It’s hard for administrators and teachers to always communicate with workers on the cafeteria, janitorial and transportation teams. In order to keep students and staff safe, schools need to have the best communications tools possible.

If there is ever an emergency or a situation that needs to be handled quickly and privately there aren’t many ways to do this without causing a scene in front of students.

The number one issue listed in after-action reports related to school emergencies is lack of quick communications. Are you looking to improve your response time?

When you implement an effective two-way radio system, staff can keep in touch with their colleagues regardless of facility size.

These two-way radios aren’t your typical store-bought walkie talkies. GCS can fully equip your North Carolina campus with an effective two-way radio system complete with reliable equipment and excellent coverage.

Implementing Walkie Talkies into North Carolina Schools

Walkie talkies are essential not only for improving school safety but also for getting kids dismissed every day, selling sporting event tickets and keeping the school clean.

These are some of the key users of two-way radios across every school district:

  • Administrators
  • Custodial Staff
  • Car Dismissal Team
  • Security Team
  • Athletics
  • Teachers

Your staff members can keep operations running smoothly every day by distributing walkies talkies across the school and getting help from GCS to install and properly your system.

Schools and other educational facilities can use two-way radios to coordinate:

  • Campus Security
  • Fire Drills
  • Car Rides
  • Field Trips
  • Incident Response
  • Stranger on Campus Alerts

Public Address Systems

School buildings heavily rely on PA systems. Whether it’s for urgent messages, the morning announcements or locating someone in the building, you need to have easy access to your PA system.

Lockdowns can be difficult to coordinate. Link your two-way radios to your existing PA system – to cut down on time wasted with automated lockdown messages.

Keep your school modern, efficient and safe by cutting down on time spent getting to a phone and calling into your system.

Get an A+ in Communication and Safety

Schools are tasked with providing safe spaces for children day in and day out. Two-way radios can help make your daily school operations and safety measures easier and smoother than ever before.

Opening up a line of dependable communication for everyone in the building can bring you and your student’s parents much needed reassurance.

GCS is based in Martinsville, VA and services the Northern North Carolina region including Guilford County, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and Burlington. Our team will help get you the best two-way radios for your school. Call us today to start updating your school’s communications system.