Two-Way Radios for Restaurants in VA and NC

Serve up better productivity with communications tools from GCS

Reliable Restaurant Walkie Talkies for Easier Operations

Working in the restaurant industry requires quick thinking, great communication and amazing patience. When rush hour hits, you can make it easier for your staff to stay in touch, ask for help and get food to your customers.

Two-way radios are the versatile communications tool to share with everyone from a manager or cook to hosts and servers. With the right accessories and walkie talkies, your entire restaurant team will have what they need to improve efficiency.

Reduce wait times, build a following of happy customers and help prevent staff frustration by providing the perfect two-way radios for your restaurant.

It’s time someone serves you, and GCS has a full menu of radio models to fit your needs. GCS makes installations and repairs easy by handling the research and the work for you. Our radio experts discuss your needs with you and suggest the best two-way radio models, accessories and specifications.

Our team provides skilled two-way radio services to the food service industry in Virginia and North Carolina.

Chat with GCS About Your Two-Way Radio Needs

Fed Up With Poor Communications?

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    GCS helps restaurants find a quick and easy fix to their problems. Our team helps connect your back and front of house for seamless services. No more yelling, speed walking or lost notes. Two-way radios offer a quick, easy-to-use and reliable solution to filling your communication gaps.
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    Get the support and advice you need to find affordable radios well-suited to your restaurant. GCS works with you through purchasing, installation, repairs and upgrades.

Customize Your Restaurant Two-Way Radio System

What kind of restaurant do you run? Do you serve up sandwiches over a counter, quickly pack up fries and chicken, courteously greet and seat guests, or pass drinks across a counter?

Fast, fine and any dining style in-between can benefit from better internal communications.

Get our full range of two-way radio services in Danville, Martinsville, Greensboro, Winston-Salem, Burlington and all across Southern Virginia and northern regions of North Carolina.

Restaurants regularly use equipment and technologies such as:

  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Conventional Repeaters

You can build up your two-way radio system even further to make it perfectly suited for your restaurant. GCS helps you find solutions such as water-proof radios for dishwashers, headsets for hostesses and more.

Consider additions to your walkie talkies including:

  • NOAA Weather Radio SAME alerts
  • Public Address Systems (existing or new)
  • Detachable mouth pieces
  • Ear pieces
  • Cases
  • Chargers
  • Emergency call boxes

Don’t 86 Your Communications Improvements

Ready to help out your staff and give your restaurant patrons the best dining experience possible? Whether your customers are spending 5 minutes or two hours at your establishment, give them a level of service worth raving about.

GCS can streamline your restaurant’s communications with two-way radios ready to go on day one. Contact our team and let us prep the right walkie-talkies for your staff.