Two-Way Radio Services for Loggers and Timber Harvesters in VA and NC

Stay Safe Around Loud, Dangerous Logging Machinery

It’s a common image in pop culture. When a logger fells a tree, he shouts, “TIMBER!” But what happens when no one can hear him?

In modern logging operations, radio communication, rather than shouting, is a safer bet.

If you want to maintain the safety of harvesting timber in Virginia and North Carolina, you need a rugged, dependable walkie-talkie system.

GCS is a trusted provider of two-way radio systems tailored to the logging industry. Our professional and trustworthy experts will advise you on the best radio types and necessary accessories. From there, you focus on your work while GCS handles installation and training.

Building a Radio System You Can Trust

At GCSEAC, we assess your logging operations and suggest a customized radio system. If you’ve worked with quality radio systems, you know you need more than a handful of walkie-talkies. We can outfit your crew with:

  • Single Site
  • Multi-Facility Site
  • Vehicle Radio System

Mobile Radios for Climbers and Operators

In an industry with dangerous equipment and a lot of noise, portable two-way radios are your lifeline. Whether your crew is tree climbing or on the ground, you need them to have effective communication and seamless coverage in the palm of their hands.

Vehicle Upfit Services for Logging Machinery

A vehicle upfit adds audio and visual alerting systems to your machinery. This is important for keeping your team connected in loud environments. GCSEAC can perform these vehicle upfits onsite with minimal disruption to your work.

Emergency Call Boxes

If an accident happens, emergency call boxes that are integrated into your radio system help you respond instantly.

Ongoing Radio System Maintenance and Repairs

GCSEAC stands behind the radios and installation work completed for your business.. That’s why we handle the maintenance and repair of your system. You will be kept informed about potential system upgrades so that you know that you’re getting the best radio system service at all times.