Two-Way Radios for Petrochemical Facilities in Virginia and North Carolina

Intrinsically Safe Radio Provider for Oil Refineries and Gas Production

Operating an industrial facility comes with the pressure to perform tasks safely, efficiently and effectively. When you add in elements such as hazardous or flammable chemicals, those goals become increasingly difficult to reach.

Dependable and versatile communications tools make it easier for your workers to do their jobs correctly. Two-way radios put the possibility of better productivity in the palm of your hand.

With the perfect walkie talkies, you can stop disasters before they happen, get work wrapped up by the end of the day and coordinate tasks of all sizes.

GCS works to find the best radios and accessories for your workplace. This includes evaluating if you need intrinsically safe two-way radios. These specially designed walkie talkies prevent explosions and meet safety standards for the petrochemical industry.

You can focus on your business while GCS handles your two-way radio installations, upgrades and repairs.


Customize Your Two-Way Radio System in Virginia and North Carolina

Your communications setup will vary significantly depending on your location, your business model and staff population. What works great for one petrochemical facility, could leave a significant gap in correspondence for another.

GCS believes in solutions that are more tailored than an out-of-the-box walkie talkie. Your two-way radio options can include:

  • Analog (typically older, legacy systems)
  • Digital (DMR or NXDN)
  • Repeaters for seamless, reliable coverage
  • Trunked Systems for advanced features such as “All-Call”

Bring in new communication capabilities with two-way radio accessories and features such as:

  • NOAA Weather Radio SAME Alerts
  • Public Address Systems
  • 911 Connection
  • Emergency Call Boxes

Each radio type will be somewhat unique and you can find ones that work indoors and/or outdoors, have long lasting batteries and a variety of signal ranges.

Get Better, Safer Radio Communications

Prevent emergencies, respond to equipment problems, redirect workers, call for help and more with walkie talkies. Two-way radios have the potential to fuel your communications systems in new ways.

GCS works hard to improve your workplace and help you get the most out of your walkie talkies.

Contact us today for two-way radios designed to safely use in petrochemical environments.