Two-Way Radios for Law Enforcement in Virginia and North Carolina

Protect First Responders and Your Community

Equip Your Police Force with Durable and Reliable Two-Way Radios

Enforcing laws and managing public safety is an important job that requires cohesive and communicative teams of people. Without a consistent way to contact each other, police officers and other law enforcers would begin falling behind on calls and letting emergencies go unaddressed.

You never know when you’re going to be needed next or when you’ll have to call for backup.

Two-way radios sideline the guessing game and keep you focused on what’s important – collaborative public safety efforts. GCS provides walkie talkies and other essential communications tools designed to make law enforcement more efficient and safe.

Improve communications within partnerships and units or across departments. Whether it’s a beat cop calling a detective, or a sheriff contacting a deputy for backup – two-way radios get the job done.

Get the portable, mobile and dependable tools you need to protect communities in Virginia and North Carolina. Contact GCS today to get started.

Two-Way Radio System Additions and Accessories

GCS helps your team uphold the law and improve public safety efforts with a full range of helpful communications tools.

Your walkie talkies are the basis of this network of tools. You can get radios with excellent battery life, a wide range and a variety of helpful functions.

Build off of those capabilities with accessories such as:

  • Headsets
  • Attachable mouth pieces
  • Chargers
  • Cases
  • Ear pieces
  • Public Address Systems for police stations
  • Police scanners
  • NOAA Weather Radio SAME alerts

Avtec Dispatch Consoles

GCS helps you find dispatch solutions to seamlessly integrate your communication center capabilities into one platform.

  • Easy integration to the widest range of interfaces
    • Conventional and trunked two way radios
    • Broadband Push-To-Talk
    • Telephony including 911 NENA Interfaces
    • AUX input/output, IP voice logging recorders
  • Redundant
  • Secure
  • Simplified upgrades with operational continuity
  • Fixed and mobile configurations

Radio GPS & Emergency Vehicle Tracking

GPS Tracking is an essential part of every public safety radio and vehicle system. Without GPS coverage across your vehicles and two-way radios your law enforcement department is put at a disadvantage for promoting safety.

  • GPS location for officer down activations to easily locate officers in need of assistance
  • Asset tracking for your entire fleet aids to reduce dispatch time
  • Vehicle light integration for auditing and real time dispatcher overview
  • Available on portable and mobile radios
  • 911 / CAD GPS Integrations to lessen hardware needs
  • On-Premise or Cloud for maximum flexibility with low maintenance requirements