Two-Way Radios for Car Dealerships in Virginia and North Carolina

Who Can Benefit from a Two-Way Radio at your Car Dealership?


Easily delegate tasks, keep track of employees and provide assistance where needed with a handheld tool ready to always make the all-call. With an easy push-to-talk function you can quickly grab the attention of your team and get them prepared for helping your next customer.

From the front desk to the offices and out on the car lot, a great manager can handle it all with a quality walkie talkie at their disposal.

Service Department

Does your dealership provide great lifetime value to customers by maintaining and repairing their vehicles? If your business offers body work, preventative services, oil changes, repairs, tires and more – it can be a lot to manage.

Help your customers quickly get their cars back by using a two-way radio to improve efficiency and productivity.


Do you want to quickly return customer’s cars? If your auto dealership offers valet when repairs are completed or sales are made, it’s essential to not waste time.

Improve the overall experience by using two-way radios to quickly call a team member to bring the car to the front.

Sales Department

Vehicle sales are the heart of what your dealership provides. If you start losing sales to online providers, owner resales and other dealerships – your business could suffer. Give each sales effort 100% by streamlining communications, cutting down on response time and making sure you never have to leave the customer behind.

GCS works to help you find the perfect radios, earpieces and other accessories for your car sales team.

Your Customers

Putting two-way radios to work at your car dealership is an investment in customer experience and happiness. By eliminating long waiting times, making it easier to quickly answer questions, helping point them to an available team member and improving the service they receive – your walkie talkies make a difference every day.

Create a following of happy customers with help from a custom two-way radio system.

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