Wireless Communications Solutions for Manufacturing & Industrial

Your plant can’t operate without seamless communications. GCS can configure a system that is custom tailored to your company’s specific needs, increasing efficiency, reducing risk, and maximizing ROI.

Commercial Two Way Radio Systems

Whether you need a couple of radios to connect your sales and service departments, hundreds of radios for every building on a 60 acre campus or thousands of radios to improve plant communications, GCS can recommend and customize a radio system to suit your specific needs.

Improve communications • Boost productivity 

Warehouse Radio Systems Improve Facility Alerts & Safety

At GCS, we not only help you monitor your assets from your two-way radio, we can also help you identify problem areas and prevent potential disasters. From distributing PLC alerts to hazardous weather and safety alerts, the right alerting system can reduce reaction time and protect you before you even know you need it.

Track conditions • Alert staff

Public Address Systems

When you need an effective wireless PA system to deliver critical messages throughout your plantor campus from your two-way radio, GCS can help you pinpoint the most efficient and affordableoption. Whether you want to enhance your current system or install a whole new solution, GCS can provide the most effective system to broadcast emergency alerts or important messages – even during power outages.

Improve safety • Add instant alerts