GCS Electronics & Communications wireless communications systems have been improving productivity, safety, reliability, and efficiency with custom two-way radio solutions for manufacturing plants, multi-million square foot distribution facilities, hospitals, K-12 schools, colleges, and universities for the past 26 years.

26 Years of Service – 100% Success

GCS Electronics & Communications was started in 1993 and has been dedicated to proving our expertise in wireless communications solutions. We have had numerous companies in the manufacturing, health care, public safety, and education industry put their trust in us for over two decades. We have helped strengthen communications in these industries bt providing the best two-way radio technologies and support. Our dedicated Engineering and IT Staff are devoted to managing and developing the innovation and technology that are a part of every system we design, build and maintain.


Covering Virginia and North Carolina, we offer more than just a radio system. We offer customized solutions. Things have changed. Radios are no longer a brick. They are a tool. Wouldn’t you want the best in your toolbox? Since 1993, GCS has continued to offer the best products and are constantly updating our solutions to make your job easier. Call us for an evaluation of your current system and challenges.