A Leading Provider in Wireless Communication Solutions Throughout NC & VA

GCS Electronics & Communications build and maintain complete wireless communications systems that provide secure, clear and instant group communications from leading manufacturers. Our wirless communications services range from simple radios to complex two-way radio systems, 911 centers, radio dispatch consoles, gps tracking and more. Our dedicated team can provide a custom two-way radio communications solution that fits your needs now and into the future. Our team of radio system engineers will install and continuously maintain your radio communication system so that it is always ready in moments that matter. Our radio systems use the best products from Kenwood and Hytera. An advanced radio system can help you improve communication and safety while boosting productivity. Contact our team to find the right wireless communication solution to fit your needs.

At GCS, we serve a variety of industries including manufacturing, local government, education, public safety, medical and industrial markets. Our team has helped numerous companies in these industries strengthen their wireless communications by providing our custom radio solutions, expertise, and support.

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