Two-Way Radios for Hunting in VA and NC

Improve Your Hunt Club Experience and Increase Safety

Hunters spend significant amounts of time off the beaten path. When you’re in the woods during the early hours of the morning with firearms it’s important to have sufficient communications.

Oftentimes cell phones are not a good option for hunters. They are fragile, usually are not waterproof and rarely have reception in remote or rural areas.

Two-way radios provide hunters the ability to talk clearly and reach each other across long distances. With the right walkie talkie choice your day can go smoothly and you can relax while on the stand or in the blind.

GCS can install the ideal radio solutions for your hunting club. You don’t have to worry about making the wrong purchase or failing to set up your radios properly.

Two-Way Radio Installations and Repairs for Hunting Clubs in Virginia and North Carolina

GCS is perfectly equipped to handle your hunt club two-way radio system or large installation.

Your group can easily coordinate hunting locations, increase member safety and improve group events with the use of two-way radio systems. You can keep a supply of radios at the hunt club for use and help equip staff with their own personal setup.

Whether you need a few radios for daily operations or 50 for peak season hunts, GCS can provide you with the best model and configuration for your needs.

Two-way radio capabilities go far beyond quick calls. You can get walkie talkies that make it possible to:

  • Receive NOAA Weather Radio alerts during storms
  • Contact everyone on every channel at once
  • Coordinate private conversations on separate channels
  • Call for help during emergencies

If you’re worried about having to handle a walkie talkie while out hunting you can choose from a variety of two-way radio accessories. GCS offers kits including hands-free headsets and detachable mouthpieces.

Any time you experience issues with your two-way radio our team can handle your repairs, upgrades and replacements.

You can receive Lifetime Service in: