Two-Way Radios for Schools

Secure Your Campus with Two-Way Radio Solutions

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Is your school struggling to coordinate lockdowns? Is your staff equipped with radios that don’t provide coverage throughout your school building and campus?

After an emergency situation, the number one limitation education facilities list in their after-action report is lack of quick communications.

There is a simple way to improve your emergency response and your daily communications.

GCS can equip your school with a simple multi-radio system or begin building a fully integrated solution to prepare you for every situation. Our team services individual schools and serves as a preferred vendor for districts such as Guilford County Schools in North Carolina. 

Walkie Talkie Servicing and Installations for Elementary, Middle and High Schools

You have kids to educate, nurture and keep safe. The last thing you need on your plate is tracking down the best two-way radios and keeping them working 24/7.

GCS handles all of that for you. Our team identifies your communications needs, finds walkie talkies that work with your budget and handle your lifetime services.

Your two-way radio system can include:

Learn How to Get Started With GCS

Is your school in need of a universal and comprehensive communications system? Whether you’re operating a multiple building high school or a small elementary school, you can get help optimizing your school’s daily operations and safety protocols.

Schools and educational buildings across Southern Virginia and Northern North Carolina can rely on GCS for two-way radio installations, repairs and maintenance.

Give our team a call today to improve your school’s communications system. 

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