Wireless Communications Solutions for Education

From elementary schools to high schools to trade schools to universities, our educational facilities require extraordinary communications in order to operate efficiently. Faculty and staff must be able to communicate without delay in order to provide a seamless learning environment for students.

School Radios

Education faculty and staff require clear, secure and discreet communications. Whether your school has one floor or multiple buildings over an entire region, GCS can create the most reliable system for your particular needs.

Boost productivity • Increase efficiency • Improve student safety

Two Way Security Radios to Improve Facility Alerts & Safety

At GCS, we not only help you monitor your assets from your two-way radio, we can also help you identify problem areas and prevent potential disasters. From distributing patient notification systems to hazardous weather and safety alerts, the right alerting system can reduce reaction time and protect you before you even know you need it.

Track conditions • Alert staff • Monitor movements

Public Address Systems

When you need an effective wireless PA system to deliver critical messages throughout your campus from your two-way radio, GCS can help you pinpoint the most efficient and affordable option. Whether you want to enhance your current system or install a whole new solution, GCS can provide the most effective system to broadcast emergency alerts or important messages – even during power outages.

Improve safety • Reduce reaction times

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency Call Boxes provide peace of mind for everyone who sees them. They provide a vital connection when help is needed. GCS can provide a solution that will integrate with your current radio system.

Add peace of mind • Improve safety • Reduce response times