Two-Way Radios for Convention Centers in Virginia and North Carolina

Communications System Installations, Procurement and Repairs

Walkie Talkies that Can Work a Crowd

When events kickoff, your convention center is suddenly teeming with people. Guests, vendors, staff and more all deserve a stress-free and seamless experience at your event space.

If you want to discreetly respond to emergencies, keep your entire staff in constant communication and improve operations – look no further than state-of-the-art two-way radios.

Your radios can’t just be any old model or brand. Convention centers are massive and loud spaces. For optimal performance you’ll need a walkie talkie with long-range capabilities, sufficient battery life, clear sound quality and helpful accessories.

GCS goes beyond the conventional approach for two-way radios. Our team works to find you the perfect walkies, repeaters and ear pieces for your facility. You won’t have to worry about attempting a DIY installation or repair.

Amplify Your Communications Capabilities with GCS

Running a convention center requires intense long term planning and responsive on-the-fly collaboration skills. Give yourself the right tools to pull off every event with ease.

GCS works to help your Virginia or North Carolina facility find the best two-way radios for your convention center.

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