Museum and Art Gallery Two-Way Radios in VA and NC

Discreetly Communicate Across Museum Staff

Whether there is a suspicious person, a coffee spill or lost child, museums, art galleries and historical sites often need to coordinate staff. A speedy resolution can make all the difference to the visitor experience.

But if you’re using an inferior radio system, you might have some issues.

  1. Loud – Without an earpiece, a walkie-talkie needs to be loud enough for the wearer to hear it, disturbing the peace of the guests who are trying to enjoy exhibits.
  2. Cross talk – If your radio system doesn’t give you dedicated channels for different teams, everyone from janitor to front desk security is bombarded with irrelevant conversations.
  3. Not enough radios – When you can only give radios to security staff, you miss out on a bunch of opportunities where having a radio would be helpful.

What you need is a radio system that has discreet earpieces for any staff who could benefit from coordination.

Customize Your Radio System for Your Museum

Your museum is unique. It could be a single building, small or large, new or old. It could be multiple buildings or have a sprawling outdoor landscape. You could have multiple teams of staff or just a handful of dedicated employees.

GCSEAC is ready to customize your radio system for your unique situation.

We can:

  • Set up your radio strength to go through walls or span large environments
  • Configure multiple channels for your various teams while still preserving your ability to talk to everyone at once
  • Provide your staff with earpieces and portable radios so employee conversations never disturb museum visitors